Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The Berwick-upon-Tweed Question

For any American readers the answer is Berrick not Burwick, but that's not the question.

The question is: should Berwick-upon-Tweed return to Berwickshire and therefore Scotland?

England being the mature democracy the world loves to hate, most people south of the border say who cares or I thought it already was. But this apparent publicity stunt question by an SNP MSP should be seriously considered because the citizens of Berwick would enjoy the benefits of Scotland's higher spending on healthcare, education and old folks' homes by living in Scotland. Even better they would get fairer representation in their own parliament. If it's good enough for Berwick it's good enough for the rest of England to join Scotland. I don't mind being ruled from Edinburgh directly if I can vote someone out of Edinburgh. What I don't like is being ruled from Brussels and administered and taxed from Westminster for and by Scottish people. It's just not cricket as they say in Glasgow.

But the administrative difficulties of swapping countries will stop the plan dead. Scotland has rights to its own legal and education system enshrined in the 1707 Act of Union in return for closing its parliament and being bailed out from the Darien bankruptcy. How dreadful the English were to the Scots then. Nothing has changed in the intervening three centuries.


Quiet_Man said...

Who says the English don't care? Keep your thieving Scottish mitts off English blood bought territory and mind your own balliwick.

Gallimaufry said...

Drake's Drum: It's cheering to read that not everyone has been cowed by our temporary Scottish colonial masters. Listen out for Drake's Drum rousing the English nation from external oppression and internal decadence to regain its freedom.

Anonymous said...

How dreadful the English were to the Scots then. Nothing has changed in the intervening three centuries.

Oh the poor oppressed innocent sweaty socks! (I never did nothing jimmy, honest). Well reality says something else. The skirt wearers invaded England more times than vice versa! Of course the fact that we hammered them more times than they beat us gets right up their jacksy!

Gallimaufry said...

Anonymouse: I fear my intended irony was as wafer thin as a slice of ham in a Morningside sandwich. Scotland derived the benefits of Union and kept its own legal and education systems. Och, how dreadful of the English to make the Scots think up new grievances along the lines of "What have the English ever done for us?" I like reasonable Scots as much as reasonable English, Welsh and Irish people, valueing their contributions to the Union and the benefits derived. It appears that the Thatcherite pendulum swing away from the cosy consensus of post-war decline offended the Celts and now the pendulum has swung back the other way to annoy the English.